Chestnut Hill Labradoodles

Labradoodle Colors and Patterns

Chalk/Ghost, Cream, Apricot, Gold, Red, Black, Blue, Silver, Lavender, Carmel Ice, Carmel Cream, Carmel, Carmel Red, Chocolate, Cafe, Parchment. 

Can have solid coloring or irish spotting, abstract, parti, phamtom, or sable pattern.

Labradoodle Sizes

All labradoodle sizes should be of equal appearance and conformation and weigh between 15 and 65 lbs. Height is measured to dogs wither.

​Standard:  22-25"

Medium: 18-21"

Mini: 14-17"

Labradoodles Generations

f1 (american) labradoodle: this is a cross between a purebred labrador retriever and a purebred poodle. 50% lab and 50% poodle. f1 labradoodle coat types can vary within each litter, some straight hair, some wavy, and a some curly, some will shed, some will not.

f1b (american) labradoodle: this is a cross between a f1 labradoodle and a poodle. more poodle in the dna, thus most are more poodle like with low to no shedding hair types.

multigen american labradoodle: f1 bred to an f1b or higher generational american labradoodle. quality breeders make decisions to uphold and improve the breed through sought after coat, temperament, and health for these pairings. coats and hair type to be very low to non-shedding, but can vary within a litter.

australian labradoodle: this is a breed that began in the 1980's in search of a dog with an allergy friendly coat with a temperament worthy of a service/therapy dog. originally the breed consisted of lab, poodle, american and english cocker spaniel, and possibly some terrier in the history.  a first generation australian labradoodle is produced when a multigen ALD is crossed with an american labradoodle, poodle, cockerspaniel, or cockapoo. coat types are dependent on the pairing.

​multigen australian labradoodle: breeders of excellence have been upholding this ingenious combination of traits by following strict guidelines to further the development of this breed and maintain its quality. a multigen australian labradoodle will have a silky soft coat, a gentle and loving temperament, and an eagerness to please.  this breed is highly trainable, and will be an excellent family pet, companion or service dog above many other breeds. a multigen ALD is a ALD bred to another ALD, or multigen ALD bred with an ALD.

Multigen Australian Labradoodles

Family raised with Superior Standards.