Read and sign CHL Adoption Contract and return to us. 

Payment for puppy and any additional boarding must be received according to payment schedule before picking up your puppy. 

Schedule and confirm your Puppy pick-up date and time 
Schedule your Vet visit within 3 days of puppy pick-up
Schedule your Puppys vaccines, following our Titer schedule/recommendations

Send us your Puppy’s new name (we will start transitioning for you)

Review parvo safety tips. 
Order Life’s Abundance food and treats for puppy, via the link on our website or email link you received from us. Delivery is typically 3 days to your home.

 Order your NuVet supplements. 
Crate, travel carrier, and playpen

 Food and water bowls

Small collar and light-weight leash


Puppy shampoo

Chew toys
Plan ahead on puppy’s space in your home and have their new living area set-up.
Remember to keep all experiences positive for the puppy, especially up through 16 weeks of age, while their little brains are soaking it all in and imprinting the info they learn.

And most of all get ready to snuggle and love on your new puppy!





When it's time to take your puppy home, you want to be prepared. Here are some items to help you be ready to welcome your puppy into your family.