www.baxterandbella.com -------------------> discount code: CHESTNUTHILL for 25% OFF 

www.lifesabundance.com/chestnuthill -------> 
www.nuvet.com/19669 -----------------------> give your puppy and immunity boost 
www.puppyculture.com --------------------> Yak bed and training material 
www.etsy.com -----------------------------> stylish collars, leashes, bandanas, ID tags 
https://a.co/cEXqiLI ------------------------> Chestnut Hill suggested items you can find on Amazon 

Prepare your Home and make a Training Plan 

•    Baxter & Bella Lifetime Membership. Complete Unit 1 and 2 to prep your home and family BEFORE puppy      comes home. 
•    Travel home with your puppy on pick-up day
•    Towels and baby wipes
•    Trash bag 
•    Travel carrier or harness for transporting puppy in your car
•    Airline Travel Carrier 

Sleeping and Safety

•    Double-door Crate: minis 28″, mediums 36″, standards 42
•    Yak Bed 
•    Raised Cot
•    Play-yard
•    Leash
•    Collar
•    ID tag

•    Life’s Abundance All Life Stages Dog Food 
•    Life’s Abundance Canned Food (the puppies love them all) 
•    NuVet Plus Wellness Wafers Food Storage Container 
•    Food & Water Bowls 

Treats & Chewing 
•    Life’s Abundance Tasty Rewards Training Treats 
•    Life’s Abundance Porky Puffs 
•    Best’s Bully Sticks 
•    Deer Antlers
•    Raw Cow bones, keep frozen, ok if they are meaty. Ask your butcher or cattle farmer. 
•    Training Treats bag/satchel 

Bathing & Grooming 
•    Brush
•    Steel Comb
•    Scissor set
•    Clippers
•    Shampoo- www.rockinpaws.com  You'll love how it smells so good! 
•    Bath Spritz
•    TEP Ear Cleaner

•    Nail clipper & file  

Potty Training 

•    All-Natural Wood Pellets (we will give you a small bag)
•    Life’s Abundance Biobase Floor and Deodorizer Spray 
•    Waste bags for walks

•    Life Vest for water/boat lifestyle 
•    Fence or long leash for supervised playtime in yard
•    Hands free Dog-leash 

•    Kong Wobbler
•    Kongs Classic 
•    Snuffle Mat
•    Lick Mat
•    Treat Puzzles
•    Snuggle Puppy, replacement hearts

Items to complete BEFORE picking-up your Puppy  
•    Read and sign the CHL Adoption Contract and return to us. 
•    Payment for puppy and any additional boarding must be received according to payment schedule before picking up your puppy. 
•    Review parvo safety tips. 
•    Schedule and confirm your puppy pick-up date and time and procedures. 
•    Schedule your Vet visit appointment within 3 days of puppy pick-up.
•    Schedule your puppy's vaccines, following the titer test results we will provide you.
•    Schedule to attend a puppy class around age 12-16 weeks. 
•    Schedule first puppy grooming between 12-16 weeks. 
•    Send us your puppy’s new name (we will start transitioning puppy for you).
•    Order Life’s Abundance food and treats. Delivery is typically 3 days to your home. 
•    Order your NuVet puppy wafers. 
•    Within 24 hours before or after picking up your puppy, enroll in 30-day FREE insurance coverage  through Trupanion. 
•    Register microchip with your name and contact info at www.foundanimals.org

When it's time to take your puppy home, you want to be prepared. Here are some items to help you be ready to welcome your puppy into your family. Here are some links and a list of items to consider to help you in your preparation.