How can I adopt a Chestnut Hill Labradoodle Puppy?

Planned and upcoming litters are announced on the "Available Puppies" tab and on social media.

The cost of a Chestnut Hill Australian Labradoodle is $2750.

Additional training and supply packages available.

1. Submit a Puppy Application to us through this linkor by printing and mailing a copy to us.  This helps us to know your preferences and expectations  so that we can match you with your perfect Labradoodle. We will follow-up with a telephone call to discuss your needs and wishes and our upcoming or available puppies. 

2.  Submit your Deposit:  After we have approved your application, a deposit of $500 secures your puppy.  The deposit is applied toward the purchase price of your new puppy.  Deposits are ONLY refundable  if we are not able to provide your with a puppy you have requested (size, color, coat type, and delivery date). Please mail a check payable to Chestnut Hill Labradooodles along with a signed Puppy Deposit Contract.

  • Chestnut Hill Labradoodles will post pictures, video, and lots of details of our puppies as we raise them in our home. We regret that we cannot host visitors, " just lookers", or future owners while the puppies are young and not-vaccinated. Once the puppies have received their vaccines we welcome new families to visit the puppies and our home.  In fact, for proper socialzation we will host many visitors once it is safe for the puppies.  
  • ​Many times we are able to hold a puppy open house! There are times when we may have another young litter in a critical period where we must use caution against outside visitors and may not be able to host the event.  During the open house, we will hold evaluations of the puppies temperaments and energy levels as well as you getting to enjoy some interaction with the litter and some sweet puppy breath!  Many times we will have our certified trainer present to answer questions and give advice to new our owners.  Many factors are taken into consideration as we match you to your puppy, including your preferences and what is best for you and the puppy.  Of course we are happy to know which couple/few of the puppies you are "leaning towards" or "have your eye on".  Please understand the process and our highest concern for getting these matches just right. We want you to take home the puppy of your dreams.  There have been times that we have gone against our better judgement and watched the wrong puppy go to the wrong home. Choosing your puppy will be a joint effort of yours and ours, and we ask you to please respect our expertise in the matching process. This also ensures that no one gets a "last pick" puppy, your request will always be honored as if it were the first request

3. Take Home your Puppy: You will schedule a puppy pick-up date between 8-9 weeks of age.  Occasionally, the timing of puppy pick-up may not work for your schedule. Based on space availability in our home, we MAY be able to hold your puppy longer than 9 weeks for a charge of $18/day. This includes the cost of food.

  • Before you leave with your puppy, you will need to schedule a visit with your veterinarian within 72 hours, as stated in your Puppy Application.
  • After you take your puppy home, know that we are still here for lifetime support for you and your new best friend. 

Multigen Australian Labradoodles

Family raised with Superior Standards.

Chestnut Hill Labradoodles

​Chestnut Hill Labradoodle Puppy Application 

Our Commitment- What you get with a Chestnut Hill Labradoodle.

  • 2 Year Health Guarantee against  genetic diseases, as well as a 72 hour health guarantee.
  • Your puppy will come to you with a micro-chip with free registration on a national database.
  • Age appropriate vaccines, de-wormings, and a puppy exam by a licensed Veterinarian. 
  • All Chestnut Hill Labradoodle puppies will leave our home de-sexed by Early Spay & Neuter by a licensed Veterinarian. Contact us for puppies with potential for breeding rights.
  • A bag of high quality Grain-Free food that the puppy is accustomed to eating.
  • A Welcome Puppy Basket with items to smooth the transition from our home to yours.
  • Copies of vet records, puppy statistics, and pedigrees.
  • ALAA Registration application for your new pet.
  • Lots of socialization in health safe environments by our team of puppy love experts.
  • Lifetime breeder support.
  • ​It takes more than just pairing two dogs together to create the quality of dog that lives up to the superior standards of a Labradoodle. Do your homework. Not all labradoodles are created equal.  Not all labradoodles are allergy free or non-shedding.  Although not true in every situation, but a cheap dog may be cheap for a reason. Make sure you are getting the family pet and companion you are wanting and what you are paying for.