This deposit contract is to place a reservation for a Chestnut Hill Australian Labradoodle puppy in the name of the buyer listed below and to protect both BREEDER and BUYER’S interests.  
Date of Contract:  

This PUPPY RESERVATION DEPOSIT CONTRACT is effective when signed below by both BREEDER (whether singular or plural) and BUYER (whether singular or plural). The following terms and conditions are agreed to between BREEDER AND BUYER:

 $500 Deposit from BUYER is due upon reservation of puppy at pregnancy confirmation (30 days before litter due date). Deposit will hold a reservation for a puppy from specified litter as stated below. Deposit is non-refundable, except in the following instances:  Deposit is fully refundable if BREEDER, Chestnut Hill Labradoodles,  is unable to provide the puppy requested below within the time described, due to non-pregnancy or not enough puppies born in a litter.  In this case, BUYER may transfer their full $500 Deposit Reservation to a future litter, or be refunded the full $500 Deposit amount.  Should BUYER’s plans change for any reason before the puppies are born and BUYER is not able to adopt a puppy, BUYER’s full $500 Deposit and Reservation can be moved to a future litter. If BUYER chooses to be removed from the reservation list before the puppies are born for any reason, half of the Deposit, $250, will be refunded to BUYER. If BUYER chooses to forego adoption of the puppy anytime after the birth of the litter through puppy pick-up date, the Deposit Reservation fee of $500 will be non-refundable. 

Purchase price for a pet puppy is $3000, minus the $500 deposit.  $500 Deposit can be made by mailing a check to Chestnut Hill Labradoodles, 8305 Bocock Rd, Dillsboro, IN 47018 OR via online QuickBooks invoice sent to you with added 4% service fee ($520). 

 Payment schedule and policy is as described: 
$500 Deposit Reservation due 30 days before litter due date.
$1000 Due when the litter is born.
$1500 Due at Puppy Age 6 weeks. 
Additional Boarding fees are due at Puppy Matching/Selection- age 7-8 weeks (if puppy stays with Breeder beyond 9 weeks due to your schedule changes) 

Final payment in cash is acceptable on pickup ONLY if arrangements have been made with Breeder.  Credit cards/online payments can be accepted for the deposit and/or for balance payment ahead of pickup, and are charged and additional 4% fee.  The Breeder reserves the right to cancel this contract, in which case the deposit will be refunded in full.  Puppies will not be released to new homes until they are at least 8 weeks old.  Puppies are sold as de-sexed Pets, and no Breeding rights are given. 

 1. RESERVATION FOR PUPPY (Breed: Australian Labradoodle)
From which litter are you reserving a puppy                              
Coat color or type requested                                                           
Size requested                                                                                    
Sex of puppy requested                                         

Name: Rob and Lindsay Buerger
Kennel Name: Chestnut Hill Labradoodles, LLC
Street: 22276 Sawdon Rdige Road
City State Zip: Guilford, IN 47022
Telephone: (513) 623-2577

City State Zip:                                                                         

Breeder(s) Signature:                                                                                 Buyer(s) Signature: