Advanced Training for Service and Therapy Needs

Many of our puppies have been placed in homes as Service dogs, Emotional Support, some as Therapy dogs, best friends, and others as amazing family pets. If you are in need of a Service, Therapy or ESA companion, we would be happy to assist you and keep communication with your trainer. Please familiarize yourself on the different types of working support dogs and the ever changing regulations of the Federal Government as well as your State.  Please note, we reserve the right to chose and place Service dogs from the litter as first priority, and will request families to have chosen a trainer that we can collaborate with before the litter evaluations begin.  At Chestnut Hill Labradoodles, we work closely with our professional trainer(s) to assess and evaluate each puppy and its placement into the right home, environment, and job. We are happy to assist you and your family with your needs of finding the right puppy. We are happy to help you find a trainer as well and will work directly with your chosen trainer to assist in correctly matching your needs to your puppy. Please note, further training beyond puppy age 8 weeks will need to be arranged with your trainer and is not included or provided here at CHL.  For owners who will be training Therapy dogs to work in hospitals, schools, nursing homes, etc, Baxter & Bella's online Puppy School can help prepare your puppy for the Canine Good Citizen test.  Use our discount code: CHESTNUTHILL for 25% off at