​​​​Chestnut Hill's Millie Caroline is has passed her health testing!  We are anxiously awaiting her first litter.  Millie has a gorgeous carmel fleece coat and is sweet for sure. Millie Caroline lives with her Guardian family in Fairfield, OH with her ALD buddy Rex.  Millie has honeymooned with South Florida's Moo from Fairytale Lane Labradoodles in Arkansas and we couldn't be more excited! This will be a litter of minis expected to mature around 15-23lbs.  Moo is a little guy at 12lbs. Puppies were born 2-24-2021 and have joined their new families!! No availability. 

Chestnut Hill's Stella Rosie & South Florida Moo (minis)- ​ESTIMATED BREEDING JUNE 2021

1. Review our website and policies and research the Australian Labradoodle, to be sure this breed is for you. 

2. Look over the Master Reservation list, posted on this page. The list is fluid and frequently changing. Even though the list may look very long, it can be deceiving. Estimated time to be offered a puppy will be noted on the list. 

3. When you are ready to adopt a puppy from Chestnut Hill Labradoodles, Submit your Puppy Application, noting your preferences and must haves for your new puppy. The more open you are on coat color and gender, the more quickly a puppy will become available for you. If you must have (for example) a red mini female, you may wait longer for a puppy.  

4. When we receive and approve your application, we will set up an appointment call to discuss our puppies and answer your questions via telephone. We will also email samples of our Deposit Contract, Adoption Contract, and Puppy Pick-up Procedures to review. If you are satisfied with our terms, and ready to join the Master Reservation List, a Reservation fee of $100 (USD) is due before you are added to the Master Reservation List. The $100 fee will be applied to the Puppy Price. The Reservation fee is non-refundable otherwise. We will provide you with a seasonal timeline estimate, please note this is subject to change. 

5. When a litter of puppies is born and reaches 12-14 days old, puppies will be offered to those on the Master list matching the size, color, and gender preferences noted in order of Senority. You will receive an email and a text message regarding the puppies available, the timing, and asking you to confirm or pass on the offered litter. 

6. You may choose to pass and return to the same placement of order on the Master list and wait for another upcoming litter to be born and offered to you. If you choose to accept the offered litter, your $400 deposit will be due within 72 hours in order to be placed on that particular litter's Reservation List. The $400 Deposit is applied to the Puppy Price. The Deposit secures your placement on a particular litter Reservation list. 

7. Once assigned to a particular litter, you can expect weekly emails noting the development of the puppies, pictures, and tips to prepare you for adopting your Chestnut Hill Labradoodle.  Virtual Zoom visits with the puppies are scheduled during weeks 4, 5, and 6. We love to meet families for in-person puppy visits and will offer schedule visits litter dependent. (We are not currently hosting in-person visits during the COVID-19 pandemic). $1500 payment is due at puppy age 5 weeks, which is applied to the Puppy Price. 

8.  Chestnut Hill Labradoodles will post pictures, video, and lots of details of our puppies on social media as we raise them in our home. We regret that we cannot host visitors, " just lookers", or future owners while the puppies are young and not-vaccinated. We will welcome new families with a reservation and deposit, to visit us and the puppies after they are born and out of the risk period;  families with reservations will receive an invite to schedule this date/time.  There are some times when we may have another young litter in a critical period where we must use caution against outside visitors and may not be able to host visitors.  However, for proper socialzation we will host many visitors once it is safe for the puppies. 

9. When the puppies reach 6.5 weeks, we ask each family to inform us of the 3 puppies that you would be happy to adopt.  We ask you to look at this as your top 1, 1, 1 choices, not ranking the puppies as 1, 2, 3. 

10. At age 7 weeks, the puppies will complete a Temperament Assessment. Chestnut Hill Labradoodles will assess the test results and make allocations based on temperament needs of the family and the puppy to make the best match. Puppies that will be kept as a prospective breeder for our program or another approved breeding program will take first priority in order to continuing upholding the high quality of the Australian Labradoodle breed.  Our next priority is a dog that will be placed for therapy work. Temperaments for Companion Pet Puppies will also be assessed to meet the energy and temperament needed in your household and what is best for the puppy.  If you are not satisfied with the puppy offered to you, you may return to the Master Reservation list to wait for another puppy. Matching the right puppy to your family will be a joint effort of yours and ours. When selecting a puppy for each family/owner, many factors are taken into consideration, including your preferences and what is best for you and the puppy.  All puppies will be tested and then matched according to temperament and your desires listed out on the deposit and application contracts.  Please understand the process and our highest concern for getting these matches just right. We want you to take home the puppy of your dreams.  Being open to gender and color will help us to match the right puppy to you based on temperament.  There have been times that we have gone against our better judgement and watched the wrong puppy go to the wrong home,  we ask you to please respect our expertise in the matching process. This also ensures that no one gets a "last pick" puppy, your request will always be honored as if it were the first request. 

10. Puppies are ready to go home at 8 weeks. Puppies needing to stay after 9 weeks will incur boarding fees of $75 per day, or $500 per week. 

Puppy Price: $3500.

$ 100 Reservation Fee

$ 400 Deposit due 1 week after birth

$ 1500 Due at Puppy age 3 weeks

$ 1500 Due at Puppy matching, age 5 weeks

$ additional boarding fees incurred are due prior to Puppy pick-up 

*Puppy Price is $3000 for our returning customers adopting a second or third Chestnut Hill Labradoodle. Returning families will not need to pay the Reservation or Deposit fees. 

* denotes current CHL owner, 2nd or 3rd CHL puppy

Mille Caroline & Moo- minis


Master Reservation List

Chestnut Hill's Millie Caroline & Stud Tbd (minis)- ​ESTIMATED BREEDING AUGUST 2021

Our website is updated weekly or more. Please check back frequently as changes in puppy availability may occur.

Pearle and Copper- Small mediums 

Planned Litters 

Chestnut Hill's Winnie Mae & Stud Tbd (minis)- ​ESTIMATED BREEDING DECEMBER 2021/JAN 2022

All litters are subject to change. Studs are subject to change. Timing of the litters is dependent on mother nature, timing listed is an estimate only. Breeder has all rights to puppies born and how many puppies will be released to the Master list.

Gestation is 9 weeks, and puppies are ready for home at 8 weeks of age. Puppy Go-Home-Dates are roughly 4 months after breeding.  

​New in 2021

Master Reservation List

​​​​​Our Pretty Pearle is planning another litter before retirement in the Spring/Summer 2021. Pearle's puppies have been some of our most favorite temperaments. Pearle lives right here in our home and is Lindsay's girl for sure. She has a goofy personality but is the besets mother to all the pups in the house. Pearel has honeymooned with Copperhead rom Fairytale Lane Labradoodles and we couldn't be more excited! This will be a litter of small mediums.  Copper weighs 25lbs and a stunning and loving boy.

This litter will be filled by applicants on the Master Reservation list. 

Upcoming Litters 

Chestnut Hill's Acadia & Stud Tbd (minis)- ​ESTIMATED BREEDING DECEMBER 2021/JAN 2022

​​​​​Chestnut Hill's Charlotte is planning another litter before retirement in the Spring/Summer 2021. Charlotte has given us some beautiful puppies in her litters and has the most gentle and calm temperament. She lives with her Guardian family at in Harrison, OH and loves playing with her 3 little human boys.  Charlotte will be paired with Moo from Fairytale Lane Labradoodles and we couldn't be more excited! With Charlottes gentle temperament and Moo’s handsome looks, these puppies will be spectacular. 

This litter is fully reserved. Estimated breeding in mid April 2021, puppies going home in August. 

Names in BOLD have Deposit received. 


Chestnut Hill Labradoodles is moving to a Master Reservation List in 2021.

For those who are already on a Reservation or Waiting list for a particular litter- your place on that specific litter will still be honored!!!

We have  had an overwhelming request for adopting our puppies and want to be fair and transparent with our reservation process and allow everyone waiting for a puppy to have the ability to bring home a puppy based on order of Reservation. 

A Master Reservation List allows everyone

to remain "in order" waiting for their puppy. 

Please read and understand our Master Reservation list policies before submitting your Puppy Application. 

Lola & Stud TBD- minis

Chestnut Hill's Lola & Stud Tbd (minis)- ​ESTIMATED BREEDING SEPT 2021

At this time, our reservations lists are full until Fall 2021. Please read below regarding our Master Reservation List procedures before submitting a puppy application. 

Here at Chestnut Hill Labradoodles, we fall in love with  each puppy that is born into our family and thus we give each puppy born here special care and love.  We are a small family breeder and in order to keep all our dogs and puppies in our home with us, we have only the number of litters that we can handle with keeping our dogs' and their puppies' best interest and health as the number one priority. 

When you're ready to add a Chestnut Hill Australian Labradoodle to your family, read about our Master Reservation and matching process  and submit your Puppy Application.


01.  J. HABIB- mini- waiting for Mocha
02. J HERMAN *- mini-medium-standard- waiting for parti 

03. TAKAHASHI- mini- waiting for Charlotte 

04. LANDFRIED*- medium- standard 

05. P. POOLE-  mini- waiting for Mocha 

06.  A. LACERDA/M. DE MAGALHAES- mini- Lola 

07.  M. GARCIA- standard 

08.  R. DABAS- standard 

09. B. TOM- mini-medium-female 

10. B. WYKE- mini - Lola 

11. T. DOTZEL- standard 

12. E. SIMON- medium- standard 

13. P. JOHNSON- mini- medium

14. T. BARNEY - mini

​15. J. OTTE- mini-medium 

16. N. DONATH- medium 

17. K. COSTELLO- medium

18. C. O’DONNELL- medium 

19. M. BUTLER- mini-medium-standard 

20. *K. STURGILL- mini-medium

​21. B. WHALEN-mini-medium

22. L. LINN-mini-medium  


23. J. CASE- mini-medium














​​​​​Chestnut Hill's Miss Mocha is planning a litter of puppies in the Summer of 2021. Mocha will be paired with this little 12lb mini named MooMoo from Fairytale Lane Australian Labradoodles. Isn't he darling? These pups are expected to be small minis between 12-24lbs with a range of coat colors.  Puppies coat colors may be solid, parti, or white mis-marks in a range of colors.  This litter is fully reserved. Estimated breeding May 2021, puppies born in July, ready for homes in September. 

Names in BOLD have Deposit received. 

3.  HABIB *

Charlotte and Moo- minis

Chestnut Hill's Super Nova & Big Rock Labradoodles Charlie (standards)- ​ESTIMATED BREEDING MAY 2021

Mocha & Moo Moo- minis

All litters are subject to change. Studs are subject to change. Timing of the litters is dependent on mother nature, timing listed is an estimate only. Breeder has all rights to puppies born and how many puppies will be released to the Master list. 

Chestnut Hill's Sunshine Sammie & Stud Tbd (mediums)- ​ESTIMATED BREEDING DECEMBER 2021/JAN 2022

​​​​​​Chestnut Hill's Lola is ready her first litter in the Spring/Summer 2021. Lola has a gorgeous carmel fleece coat and is a fun, lake-loving girl.  Lola lives with her Guardian family at Hidden Valley Lake, IN.  Lola will be paired with Fairytale Lane's Barkley Bear. He produces beautiful puppies and we can't wait to see what this pair will bring, likely chocolates and carmel coats. This will be a litter of minis.  Puppies are due April 8th with go home dates expected in early June. This litter is fully reserved. No availability, 

Names in BOLD have Deposit received. 
1.  BREEDER- Female 
2.  BREEDER- Male 



5. WYKE